Private Dining

About Private Dining

Our newly redesigned Pavilion Room is available for small private events!
Call us to discuss the details!

Updated 11-7-2020


The Pavilion Room is Trio’s second dining room for the restaurant and private events. Our large, open room is a colorful space with comfortable seating. The carpeted room features a built-in bar / beverage area and two private restrooms. Custom artwork featuring local artists gives the room unique appeal.

Trio’s Pavilion Room currently accommodates a maximum of 64 people for a seated function.


Room Use Fees

  • 25 people or fewer: $50
  • 26 to 49 people: $100
  • 50+:  $125

Amenities included:

  • Tablecloths and napkins – black linen
  • Assorted banquet tables:  60-inch rounds, 8-foot tables, 6-foot tables
  • Tall cocktail tables
  • Votive candles and round mirrors if desired for decoration
  • 55-inch smart TV on AV cart with HDMI connections
    Sound system compatible with your mobile device via cord connections

How to book a date and what if I cancel?
There is a $100 deposit to reserve the Pavilion Room which will be applied to the final bill. Because of high demand, this deposit is non-refundable in the months of December, May, and June. To cancel a date for all other months, we require two weeks’ notice.

For refund of deposit we require two weeks’ notice except for the months of December, May, and June. No refunds are given for those months. In the case of last minute cancellations (we define “last minute” as any time after staff has been assigned to your event) we will charge a $50 room fee and a guaranteed staff service charge of $50 for each person scheduled for the room (December, May, and June will forfeit the full deposit plus service charges).


For more than 30 years we have been offering a diverse menu made with the freshest seasonal ingredients. We strive to offer wild-caught fish and local and organic produce when available. All of our menu items are made to order and, therefore, we plan custom menus for each event.

Every party menu is based on our monthly restaurant fare, the size of your group, and the production schedule of our kitchen. Please visit with one of our managers to discuss the specifics of your event. We’ve got the perfect recipe for your event success!

The following points are some basic menu guidelines to help you begin to plan for your group:

  • Groups of 20 or fewer may order directly from our restaurant menu. You may also pre-select your favorite items to create a custom bill of fare for your group. We will print an attractive menu for you. A la carte prices apply. There is a minimum purchase of $400 for Friday and Saturday evenings.
  • If your group is more than 20 we will work with you to plan a special menu for your group.
  • Pre-selected entrees with a confirmed number for each entrée ARE REQUIRED for most groups larger than 30.  Custom menus are designed for a party of this size based on the menu offered during the month of your event.
  • Buffets: minimum food purchase of $400.00 no matter the day of the week. This $400.00 does not include beverages, room fee or service charges.
    Buffet Table Serving Attendants are required for all buffet events at this time. Attendant fees will be included in the service charges on your final bill. Fees vary depending on the particulars of your event–we will give you a complete quote after we discuss the finer details.

Is there a room fee?
Yes, we charge a nominal fee to use our Pavilion Room. The fee is based on the number of guests. It is $50 for 25 or fewer, $100 for 26 to 49 and $125 for 50+. This fee covers our expenses to open the room. The Room Fee is not the same as the deposit to secure a date. See next question…

Is there a deposit?
Yes. To secure a date in the Pavilion Room we collect a $100 deposit. “Earnest money,” if you will. The $100 is deducted from the final total on your event invoice on the day of your party.

Is there a minimum food and beverage purchase?
Yes. Weekend night and buffet events require a minimum food purchase of $400.

What are the service charges?
Service charges are based on percentages of the total sales of your party before taxes. We staff the Pavilion Room independently from the restaurant. That means that your servers are only working for you. Each server assigned to a party is guaranteed a minimum of $80-$100 for a lunch event and $100-$125 for a dinner event.
We use a base of 20% of your party’s total food and beverage to calculate the service charge amount. If your group’s service charge amount does not equal $80 at lunch or $100 at dinner then we will automatically increase the service charge to meet that minimum.

What is the 5% buffet service charge?
This charge is added only to cocktail and buffet-style parties (to the food subtotal cost only) to cover additional linen expenses and buffet equipment usage.

What are the additional labor service charges?
Many events require additional personnel apart from the dining room floor staff or waiters. These individuals are support staff or our culinary professionals who are assigned only to your party–such as Buffet Service Attendants for socially-responsible buffet service during the pandemic. They are included in the service charge calculations.

Why is there a bartender charge if I have a waiter?
We include a bartender charge if you are having a cash bar or a larger party that requires a person to do extensive set-up and/or offer constant service at the bar. Often the addition of the bartender fee will eliminate any up-charging to cover the minimum service charge.

Can we have separate checks?
No, we are not able to offer separate checks in the Pavilion Room. There are numerous calculations that are involved in arriving at a final cost so we ask that one payment be made at the end of your event. (Because there are always exceptions, this topic is open for discussion if you MUST have separate checks. Let’s chat.)