DINNER IS SERVED MONDAY – SATURDAY 5:30 – USUALLY 9:00 (If you want to come after 8:30 we suggest you give us a call.)


Salad Special: Summer Watermelon – $7.50

watermelon, cucumber, toy box tomatoes, feta cheese & assorted lettuces in a white balsamic-grapefruit vinaigrette

Trio’s House Salad – $5.25

organic Arkansas-grown field greens dressed with your choice of Trio’s House Vinaigrette or our classic Buttermilk Ranch
topped with sweet grape tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, and croutons, fat-free raspberry vinaigrette also available.

Caesar – small $6.00 / large $8.25 / with chicken add $1.50

romaine, house-made Caesar dressing, parmesan & croutons.

Peck’s – $6.75 small / $9.50 large

Leaf & romaine, roasted pulled chicken breast, toasted almonds and bacon dressed with the original vinaigrette from the Hotel Sam Peck.


Appetizer Special: Smoked Salmon Bruschetta – $6.75

a trio of bruschetta with herbed cream cheese, smoked salmon & pickled summer vegetables including okra, radishes, carrots & onion

The Best Hot Crab Dip – $8.25

artichoke hearts, spinach, two cheese, crab, herbs & spices served with crostini

Guacamole (Seasonal) – $8.95

Fresh avocado, tomatillo, roasted tomato, lime, garlic, jalapeño.

Warm Brie with Mango Chutney & Almonds – $8.00

Served with Granny Smith apple slices and water crackers.

Spicy Spinach Dip & Pita Crisp – $6.75

Our signature appetizer – spinach, cheeses, onion, tomato, jalapeño

Shrimp in the Shell – 1/4 lb. – $6.50 / 1/2 lb. – $12.00

With our famous Remoulade & Cocktail Sauce.

Hummus Dip with Pita (naked) – $4.50
Loaded Hummus – $7.50

Loaded with feta, cucumber, Kalamata olives and tomato.


cup $4.00
bowl $5.50

DINNER SPECIALS… our menu changes frequently!

(Updated 8-14-19)

Entrees and side dishes can change from these published entrées depending on ingredient availability and the whims of the chef…

Beef Tenderloin Makawao  – $34.00

grilled 8-ounce Creekstone beef tenderloin marinated in hoisin, scallions & fresh ginger, finished with mango salsa & grilled Vidalia onion
served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes & broccollini

Herbed Free Range Chicken  – $18.00

free-range, bone-in chicken breast marinated in olive oil & garlic with fresh oregano, basil, rosemary & parsley, pan roasted with green olives and finished with white wine butter sauce
served with four color roasted potatoes & broccollini

Farmer’s Market Splendor – $16.00

heirloom Caprese salad with fresh mozzarella, balsamic reduction & fresh basil; purple hull pea cakes with Granny Verna’s tomato relish; “off the cob” Mexican-style street corn (mayo, cotija, chile & lime;) fried okra; and grilled local squash with sweet onions & peppers

Pork Tenderloin Anasazi – $18.00

dry rubbed with 3 chiles (pasillas, anchos & chiles de árbol,) cinnamon & allspice, oven roasted, napped with bourbon-ancho-apple demi glace & plated with cilantro oil & smoked pepper sauce
served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes & chayote with garlic & herbs

Asian Crab Cakes – $24.00

luscious lump crab meat with lime, scallions, & sambal oelek, lightly fried, then finished with a drizzle of spicy chili aioli – served with sesame scallion rice with edamame,
shiitake mushrooms & sweet red bell pepper and a sauté of bok choy

Steak Lover’s Salad –  $17.00

a 6-ounce tri tip steak rubbed with Cajun spices & grilled medium rare atop romaine dressed in a creamy blue cheese dressing with apple wood smoked bacon,
gorgonzola, assorted local cherry tomatoes, red onion & sunflower seeds

Plantain Crusted Grouper – $24.00

pink bequetta Pacific grouper, plantain crusted, pan sautéed and finished with a drizzle of fresh jalapeño-cilantro vinagrette with cucumber, lemon shallot & honey – served with cumin rice pilaf & chayote with herbs and garlic


Mainstays… Your favorite classic Trio’s entrées always available

Chicken Enchiladas – $15.00

Two corn tortillas filled with chicken, Monterey Jack cheese and mild green chiles, featuring a tangy tomatillo-cilantro sauce
served with black beans and jalapeño rice.

Shrimp Enchiladas – $16.00

Shrimp and Monterey Jack cheese in a flour tortilla topped with jalapeno-spiked cream and chipotle pepper sauces
served with black beans and jalapeño rice.

Voodoo Pasta – $18.00

A scrumptious concoction of chicken, shrimp, and andouille sausage in a garlic Alfredo sauce with sun-dried tomatoes and jalapeño peppers served over spinach fettuccine.

Thai Style Shrimp Curry – $17.50

Shrimp simmered in a savory coconut milk sauce with garlic, Thai red curry seasonings, fresh basil & mint served over
Arkansas basmati rice & accompanied by a light Thai cabbage salad with sprouts, mango & peanuts.



Pasta Alfredo$4.50

fettuccine with Trio’s alfredo sauce (available plain with butter)
with chicken 5.5

Quesadilla – $5.00

flour tortillas griddled with Monterrey Jack cheese – with sour cream & guacamole on the side

Chicken Tenders & Fries – $7.00
Sid’s Choice – $7.50

a small Peck’s salad and choice of a cup of soup or fresh fruit

Say Cheese – $4.00

mild cheddar grilled on white bread with potato chips and dill pickle
with fresh fruit – $5.50