Strawberry Shortcake


It’s the most wonderful time of the year:  Trio’s Arkansas Strawberry Shortcake season! The Arkansas berries are rolling in, and right now, they’re big & juicy. As soon as we get some warmer weather we expect a little more sweetness. Nonetheless, we could not be happier with these Cadron Crest Orchard beauties. Of course, we sweeten them a little–we’re making dessert here, after all! However, our shortbread crust is only butter & flour–no sugar. Topped with freshly whipped & lightly sweetened cream… well, it’s a Springtime dream come true! If you’re the sharing type order a double–two crusts layered with plenty of berries & cream.

We use Arkansas strawberries until they’re no more. Then we continue to serve our shortcakes with California & Florida berries throughout the summer.

Come enjoy one soon before the Arkansas berries are gobbled up!