Plating Change

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Marcus Lemonis’s Lemon-AID Foundation and the start of Plating Change



Trio’s is proud to be a Plating Change partner. In January, we committed to producing 3,500 meals to help fight hunger and food insecurity in our city. And, with the generous help of our Trio’s friends & family, we produced nearly 8000 meals by the end of April.

How did this program work? What does it mean to “fight food insecurity?” Well, many generous people joined forces with Marcus Lemonis and his Lemon-AID Foundation to address the ongoing problem of hunger and access to nutritious meals–especially during the pandemic. Those who are experiencing homelessness, are out of work, are home-bound or elderly and unable to shop or cook for themselves, struggling families, students… these are just some of the groups that face food insecurity.

Large orders of specially-prepared meals are purchased from partnered restaurants, and are then delivered to organizations that distribute them. You can be assured that all the meals get into the hands of folks who truly need a meal. Our Plating Change program was funded by a generous donation from North Little Rock native Mary Steenbergen and her husband Ted Danson. We’re so grateful to them for their generosity to Mary’s home state!

The Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance worked closely with three local restaurants (Trio’s, Doe’s Eat Place, Lindsey’s BBQ and Hospitality House) to build a schedule of meal deliveries to make sure the proper quantities get to the locations that most need them. Some of our recipient organizations are Jericho Way Day Resource Center, From His Throne Ministries, Buffington Towers Apartments, and Philander Smith College. At the same time, this program provides a stream of work and income for struggling restaurants during these challenging times.

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