Monthly Archives: October 2015

Cocktail Time!

The Agave Fresca is one of the many tempting cocktails you can enjoy from our craft cocktail list! We’ve been taste testing all of Merrick’s newest creations (such a hard job we have,) and we know you’ll want to try them all. Bourbon your spirit of choice? Rum? Gin? Herbal elixirs? Vodka? Capi’s favorite–TEQUILA! Yes to all!

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James Hayes Art Glass

Our gorgeous jewel of a chandelier has a new front & center location in our redesigned foyer. Designed by Pine Bluff native and Trio’s friend, James Hayes, this blown-glass chandelier inspired our vibrant color palette. James also designed 3 vases for the entryway to complement the chandelier.

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We’ve Got a New Look!

We’ve redesigned the restaurant, and we can’t wait for you to see it! There are a few more tweaks we’re going to make…like new carpet…but it’s as close to finished as it can be. Come by and see the vibrant new colors, the modern yet warm & welcoming foyer, and all the familiar faces you’ve come to know at Trio’s. Remember, Trio’s is where innovation & tradition come to dine!

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